2D to 3D conversion in Solid Edge ST6

This video demonstrates 2D to 3D conversion in Solid Edge ST6 !

  • First import 2D file. Click on Tools-Create 3D.Select appropriate module to part / assembly.
  • And select Front View / Side View / Top View / Bottom View.
  • Selected all 2D views are merged to Solid Edge sketch module.
  • To convert Solid Edge Sketch module into 3D. Click Extrude command from radial menu.
  • Select Top / Right / Front Plane and project sketches and revolve command to convert in to 3D.
  • Click Extrude command and select sketches to create a slot.
  • Create M5 thread holes based on your measured dimensions .
  • Create holes and place it where ever it is required.
  • Uncheck all the views from the feature tree.
  • Apply color for the created 3D part.
  • Creating quick 3D from 2D sketches by using solid edge st6 synchronous technology.

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