Converting Surface Model to Solid Model in Solid Edge

This video demonstrates converting surface model to solid model in Solid Edge.

  • Open part module.
  • Select & sketch a circle of diameter 100mm.
  • In path finder click on + symbol to select a sketch.
  • Right click on the sketch & uncheck on the enable regions.
  • Now in graphics area, you can see steering wheel with three axes.
  • Select top direction, in window select to copy the sketch. enter offset distance 100mm.
  • Now create hexagon by selecting polygon by center command from sketch menu or from radial menu, which gets activate from your right click of the mouse, at the base circle.
  • Delete outer circles, you will be having sketch to create surfaces.
  • In surface command bar, click blue surf feature & select all the sketches to create surface.
  • Now take section view, you can see it is converted into solid body too.
  • So to continue solid features further, go into path finder, right click on the blue surf select activate body.
  • Now you can see solid features enabled, you can continue the solid modelling on this part.

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