Create Design Table in Solid Edge ST6

This video demonstrates, how to drive solid edge model or in other words how to create the design table in solid edge.

  • Open the part module, sketch and constrain.
  • Let’s take an example of housing, which has flange OD=100mm, ID=40mm, thickness= 10mm.
  • Save the model as housing as the name of the model. Now open a new excel sheet and save it as housing.
  • This sheet is used to control dimension of the model. Click on tools command, select variables.
  • In this window, you can see the dimension variables respective to housing sketch, now select all and copy all the variables.
  • Open excel sheet & paste all the variables. Now copy dimension value from the excel sheet and paste in the formula column of the variable table.
  • Repeat same procedure for all the dimension which are to be controlled.
  • This process creates a link between the sketch dimensions to the excel sheet.
  • This helps designers to make quick changes in the parts & fastens the development process.
  • To test you can switch to excel sheet and change the dimension value from 20 to 10 then save it.
  • If you switch back to solid edge you can see dimension has been updated.
  • Open excel again and change dimension from 20 to 25 & save. You can see that the dimensions have been updated in solid edge.
  • Exit sketch & select revolve command to convert sketch into 3D.
  • The model can be controlled via the excel sheet Not only for 2D sketch but for 3D too.
  • Open the excel sheet, change dimension from 25 to 20 & then save, switch to solid edge.
  • The dimension gets updated instantaneously.
  • Change flange dimension from 50 to 40 & save, if you go back to solid edge you can see that the flange dimension has changed to 40.
  • Now save the solid edge model and the excel sheet & then close the files.
  • Thus we can see that Controlling the models through solid edge using excel sheet can be very easy, quick and efficient.

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