Procurement has entered the board room due to significant management attention towards cost reductions. Best in-class companies are providing laser sharp focus towards achieving savings in material and services costs to boost corporate profitability.

Reduce unit cost, reduce cost of procurement operations, enhance compliance, and improve process efficiency through Panso™s modular Procurement solutions.

The uniqueness of Panso Procurement Solutions is its holistic approach which blends right technology and right people with deep process and category experience. All these in a business model and pricing that are hard to resist.


Spend Analysis
Save millions with granular Enterprise-wide spend visibility solutions from Panso.
Our spend analysis solutions includes:

  • Data Extraction from multiple sources
  • Reconciliation and duplicate removal
  • Data validation and cleansing
  • Classification of items based on SIC, UNSPSC, eCl@ss or any standard rules
  • Enrichment of Transaction data with account, contract and PO linkages
  • Analytical reporting based on geography, business unit, category and account codes

Sourcing Support & Analytics:
Panso helps customers source the right item, at the right price, at the right time. Our Sourcing Support and Analytics services aim to leverage companies existing eSourcing Technology or help provide the best of breed platform that will enable vital audit trail, paperless sourcing events and reduce manual processing.

Our Sourcing Support and Analytics solution includes:

  • RFX/Auction services (Reverse and Forward)
  • Spot Buy
  • Supplier Market & Risk Analysis
  • Bid Evaluation and Reporting
  • Category experience

Contract & Compliance Management:
Panso helps customers improve Enterprise contract visibility, Risk Management & Corporate compliance and Supplier Performance Management.
Our Contract & Compliance Management solution includes:

  • Creation and Authoring
  • Negotiation and Redlining
  • Approvals and Review
  • Recovery Audits and Analytics

Transactional Procurement:
Panso helps customers reduce their cost of procurement operations and increase the velocity of procurement transactions. Core to our solution approach is transaction SLA™s, workflow and standardization of processes. Our Transactional procurement or (Procure to Pay) services aims to leverage companies existing P2P technology or help provide a P2P platform that will enable paperless transactions and reduce manual processing.
Our solution includes:

  • Purchase Requisition Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Transmit and Track
  • Catalog Management
  • Buyer Help Desk
  • Supplier Help Desk
  • Invoicing
  • 3-Way Matching

Category Management:
Panso Solutions has developed deep knowledge on categories that have high spend and are critical to organizations. Streamline and reduce unit cost for the following categories

  • Resourcing: Panso’s resourcing service makes sure you get the best value in fulfilling temporary labour and contractor requirements for both IT and Non IT sectors. Panso delivers significant benefits through the capture of uncontrolled expenditure, managing pay rates and agency margins through a vendor neutral program. And also help customers be compliant to the latest legislation (e.g. Agency Workers Regulations).
  • Professional services: Panso’s professional services category controls the cost of inputs such as legal and expert fees. These spend areas have represented a challenge for in-house procurement departments. You can trust us with this task because we make it easy for our customers to see what is being procured, by whom, from which supplier and at what price.


Our solutions will help you leverage your existing procurement technology or provide you the next generation technology platform that is delivered via cloud and rapidly deployed for rapid ROI bundled with our services mentioned above.

Panso recognizes that needs of the customers are ever changing due to the demanding business situations. Hence developed the following innovative pricing model that is second to none

  • Pay per transaction (PO, PR, POA etc)
  • Pay per user
  • Pay per desired outcome (Savings, Spend under management etc)
  • Pay per sourcing event (RFI, RFP, RA, Auction etc)
  • Fixed fee model